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Privacy Policy

In regards to the treatment of personal information relating to the customer (hereafter referred to as "personal information") by Ishibe-Kouji "Ryugin" (hereafter referred to as "the Ryokan"), privacy information will be retained in the care of the management of the Ryokan for the purposes of fulfilling business related duties and services in accordance with the policy regarding the care of personal customer information (hereafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy").
1.The purpose and use of personal information.
Personal information may be used in the following ways:
*The Ryokan may send information related to events and services such as hospitality offers and catalogue information.
*For the purposes of responding to customer inquiries by either phone, email, or letter.
*Personal information may be used by the Ryokan for purposes of unspecified, statistical analyses in order to improve offers and other services.
*In addition, the Ryokan may use personal information in order to contact clients through phone, email, or letter at any time it may be deemed necessary by the Ryokan.
2.Personal Information and 3rd party offers
The Ryokan, with the exceptions listed below, will not release information to third parties.
However, in the case that the Ryokan is working in concert with an outside party, personal information may be shared, but only to the extent that it necessary to the other party.
The following exceptions are:
*In the event that the customer agrees and permits the Ryokan to release personal information.
*In the event that person information is required law enforcement officials.
*In the event the information is needed to preserve life, prevent bodily harm, or to protect property. In such cases, the patron's ability to consent may be compromised.
3.Management of personal information
The Ryokan enforces that the management placed in charge of personal information will diligently work to prevent unjust access, loss, destruction, alteration, or improper disclosure of personal information.
4.Disclosure, Corrections, Termination of Use, and Elimination of Personal Information.
In the event that the patron wishes to disclose, correct, terminate the use of or eliminate their own personal information, once the identity of the patron has been certified, disclosure, correction, deletion, termination of use, or elimination, may be requested by the patron and will be carried out in a timely manner.
5.About the Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy may be found publicly on the website of the Ryokan, and maybe altered in the event that it is needed. In consideration of this, should the above written official terms be altered, the Ryokan will make a reasonable effort to notify patrons with pertinent information regarding changes.
6.Questions and Concerns
Questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy may be addressed by using either the phone number or email address listed below.
Kyoto Ishibe-Kouji "Ryugin TEL:075-541-5319