The Higashiyama area's Ishibe Kouji is a section of Kyoto that is adjacent to the historic Rinzai Buddhist Temple "Kodaiji",
and is cited as an historic area charged with maintaining the cultural legacy of Kyoto.
These premier lanes of Kyoto were constructed in the Taisho Era and were designed
to create a unique and interesting part of the city for the gentrified citizenry.

Walking along the traditionally styled dwellings, you will find that Ishibe Kouji embodies the feeling of the Old Capital.
At Ryugin, the esthetic of these dwellings have inspired the comfortable and modern design of our bedrooms,
and we hope you have the feeling of Kyoto even as you stay with us in your room. As you are staying with us,
we encourage you to try the meals that we have produced in concert with the restaurant Kamikura.
The meals by Kamikura are part of a legacy of traditional Kyoto cuisine,
prepared with fresh ingredients and abundantly seasoned.
We highly recommend them if you are searching for an exquisite taste of Japan.

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Closed Facilities:Gion Hatanaka、Kyoto Ishibe-Kouji "Ryugin" and "Kamakura”
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All facilities are closed from 24th to 28th, January, 2016.
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